Silk Clay. Two words that you might think shouldn’t be next to one another. One is soft, light and liquid-like, the other is sticky and thick. However, we’re sure you’ll understand why we chose this name once you get some of the product on your hands. It’s a clay that feels like silk – it’s as simple as that.

How it feels won’t be the first thing you notice though. Before you get your hands on the Silk Clay you’ll be greeted by the fragrance of blackberries (which mellows into a milder, creamy vanilla scent).
Compared to a lot of clays out in the market, you’ll notice that this is a lot more paste-like. The formula -– as the name suggests – is designed to be silky, smooth and pliable (rather than stiff and firm like many of our competitors).

When doing our market research, we found that there weren’t many products on the market for gentlemen with thicker hair. When creating our silk clay, we ensured that we created a product that looked great on guys with a thick crop. The styles we have in mind are the more traditional and classic cuts, as the finish is that of a wet look. Side parts, short back and sides & short textured styles.

Like we say with all our products, we recommend a peanut sized amount, but the choice is yours. If you feel you need more product go for it, but a little does go a long way.

Again, this is water soluble, so washing the formula out is a breeze. Two washes and a condition and your hair will be product free. How do you like that?

How you apply your Silk Clay.

Take a peanut sized amount and run through your fingers and coat your hands. You will see how smooth and silky it is. Apply to dry hair.

Would this work in mid length styles?

The answer is yes! If you’re looking for a mid shine in your quiff, go ahead and apply. This formula is not going to make your hair claggy nor is it going to be a very firm hold, so for slick back, quiff styles, this will work. We would recommend applying a little hair spray to these styles, just to firm up your finish.

Well, now you know a bit more about this product and its uses. The smell alone, is enough to make you want to smother it on your body, but please, this is strictly for hair only….