In the words of our resident barber, The Charming Man’s Forming Wax is ‘the best and strangest hair formula’ he has seen.

It’s very firm to the touch which, compared to a lot of hair waxes on the market, is quite rare. The primary ingredient in our Forming Wax is beeswax; a natural but tough material that leaves a matte finish, rather than the greasy residue left by synthetic equivalents. It’s also incredibly easy to wash out at the end of a long day or night.

When we first decided to create a hair wax for men, we had short choppy hair in mind. Styles like Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron, the effortless look, with plenty of texture that are bang on trend. We also wanted to create a men’s hair styling product that was great for strong statement styles like Eric Rutherford.

We think that our Forming Wax is fantastic stuff (and we hope you’ll agree!). Once properly warmed and worked in between the palms it offers pliability, durability, and – like all our products – it smells amazing. 

Now that we’ve finished blowing our own trumpet, we thought we’d share some hints and tips from our in-house barber to help you get the most out of your Forming Wax.

Applying your Forming Wax

How much you use of any hair styling product will define your hair. We recommend using the back of your thumb to scrape a peanut sized amount out of the tub, before using your index and middle finger to warm, work and emulsify into your hands. Once coated, work into your hair, (preferably dry or slightly damp towel dried) and style accordingly.

Using Forming Wax to style longer hair

If you’re looking to style longer hair (like a quiff) then try adding a bit of extra product and working it from the roots to the tips. This will help add subtle volume and texture to your hair whilst preventing it from going flat later in the day. We love using our fingers and hands to shape and mould longer hairstyles, as this helps add to the texture.

Using Forming Wax to create a slicked back hairstyle

If you’re trying to achieve a slicked back hairstyle, we recommend applying your Forming Wax to slightly damp hair and enlisting the help of your hairdryer.

Use the hairdryer to help warm up the Forming Wax before applying it to your hair. Using a low heat setting (and a comb, if possible), gently shape your hair into the desired shape of your slick. If you want a low, flat slick then try using the palm of your hand, otherwise try aiming the direction of the air from your hairdryer slightly upwards so that your hair dries with more volume and lift. Using a comb with a hairdryer will help your hair dry straighter than normal – ideal for the slicked back style.

As we say with all our products, enjoy them and experiment with them. Our Forming Wax is no exception. It does the job whilst smelling crisp and fresh. A little pearl of wisdom from The Charming Man: there is one thing owning a product, but knowing how to use and apply it correctly is another.

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