When it comes to our hair, we can be a little funny about what styling product we put into it. We think about the hold, we think about the finish it will give, and wonder whether it will wash out! How many times have you put hair products in for a night out, only for it to still be in your hair a day or two later – either in the form of clumpy hair, or white, dandruff-like flakes? When we set out to create our Refining Cream, we knew that we wanted a product that ticked all these boxes. We’re confident that we’ve succeeded in our goals, so we thought it was time to share some tips for styling your hair using Refining Cream.

Effortless hair styling, by design

The reason we love Refining Cream is because it’s pliable and has a fantastic hold. We’ve designed it so that you can work your hair all day without the fear it will rub out. It is water soluble, meaning that it will disappear in no time when showering and shampooing at the end of a long day or night.

The finish depends on the amount you apply. Because this formula is very pliable, the more you play and work your style, the more matte the finish. If you put too much of any product in, your hair will get weighed down and look wet. Use as much as you like, but we recommend a peanut sized amount worked into the palms before applying.

Where this product comes into its own is its versatility. Short back and sides, French crop, mid length quiff, the slick look, or pomp, you name it, this product is for all hair styles, and types. We think it works amazingly for styles like David Beckham or Nick Wooster, but it’s just as good in Ryan Reynolds type styles.

Whatever style you want, our expert barber has come up with some tips to help you achieve your look.

1. Mix up how you apply your Refining Cream

How you apply your hair cream can have a big impact on how it looks. We recommend applying a peanut sized amount to your hands before working it through dry hair, but even that leaves room for experimentation.

We have the best results when starting on the outside and working in. By this, we mean coating your hands in cream and using the palm of your hands to lightly coat the hair with cream, shaping it into your desired style.

If you’re trying to achieve a choppy, layered style then you should try working your fingers through your hair from the roots to the tips. This will help add volume to your hair whilst keeping a strong but subtle hold.

2. Blow-dry to lock in your hairstyle

Applying Refining Cream to towel dried hair can add more options for styling. We like to start with damp hair when using Refining Cream to style longer hair, such as quiffs or slicks. Blow-drying helps lock in your style so that your hair naturally falls back to your desired style as the day or night wears on.

Next time you’re styling your hair into a quiff, try adding some refining cream to your hands and working it through towel dried hair – paying close attention to your parting. A full frontal blast from a hairdryer is a sure fire way get to fluffy hair, so make sure you’re using a blowdryer on a low setting. This allows you to direct the airflow around your hairstyle without disturbing the shape too much, keeping your hair locked into your desired style whilst drying your hair. The combination of the gentle heat from the blow-dryer and the Refining Cream add great texture and a firm hold to your hair.

3. Enjoy!

As well as being a great product that does so much when it is applied, the smell is also gorgeous! Have fun with the product. Like we’ve said, we recommend a peanut sized amount, but it really does come down to individual preference. You may feel you need a little more in thicker hair, or for a certain style you want to achieve, either way, with this undeniable formula and amazing smell, I’m sure this product will make doing your hair for a night out just that little more enjoyable.

So, if you’re looking for a product that not only smells great, washes out with effortless ease, but most importantly does all the work for you, in any style, any hair type, then the Refining Cream is just the ticket.