The Charming Man’s story starts on the cobbled streets of Pudding Lane in London, where our founder first went to perfect his craft.

Starting out by offering free haircuts and shaves in a mock barbershop, we quickly learnt that men in the capital take their grooming very seriously. From trims to fades to cut throat shaves, it was the perfect place for a talented young barber to hone his skills and soak in the buzz of the city.

‘Every day gave me butterflies. The journey alone walking to work, staring at the architecture was all part of the day. You could feel a buzz in the air and I was part of it. I was excited before I even got onto the shop floor.’

After showcasing his skills and establishing himself as one of London’s most sought-after barbers, our charming man moved to a new barber shop on Fenchurch Street – where our story really begins.

Our journey to Fenchurch Street

Fenchurch Street was a brand new challenge. We didn’t know it then, but the time spent in these new surroundings would have a large influence on our hair styling product range. From the lime cologne to the worn leather chairs, the timeless charm and demand for the highest quality would become an integral part of The Charming Man’s philosophy.

It wasn’t all rosy on Fenchurch Street. The pace was frenetic and our clients – lawyers, executives and city brokers – demanded incredible service and high quality products. Success in this environment depends on everything working perfectly. The clippers need to be oiled, the scissors need to be sharp, and the hair products need to make styling effortless. That’s the difference between a good cut and a great cut.

We got through a lot of products at the shop on Fenchurch Street. We tried every wax, powder, gel and mousse on the market but nothing came close to the quality we expected. Waxes were too oily and clays were too limp, which meant we often ended up using a concoction of hair styling products to create a look that should have been achievable with just one.

Looking at the ingredients on these hair products confirmed to us what we already knew; mass-produced materials make for sub-par products. That’s when we decided to apply everything we’d learnt at Fenchurch Street and create our own range of professional quality hair styling products for men.

Using hand-chosen natural products imbued with incredible scents, we distilled all of our expectations and experience into three products; Silk Clay, Refining Cream and Forming Wax. Now, whenever a client asks us for a silk shine or effortless choppy hair we know that we can achieve the perfect look with one exceptional product.

It’s an old cliché, but as they say, the rest is history.

The Charming Man hair products, the dream of a barber, made in Great Britain, born on Fenchurch Street.