The incredible journey

Passionate about male grooming, aroma and texture; we've perfected our hair and shaving products down to the last detail

Upon Conception

It is truly a pleasure. Grooming, that is. Our forefathers knew it – trusting the skilled artisans of traditional barbershops. Sunk into cool leather seats they’d unwind, breathing in the distinct fragrant air. A real masculine luxury, all but vanished from modern life.

The Charming Man wants to change that. Tipping our hat to the artisans of the past, we’ve crafted a fine range of hair products perfect for the modern gentleman. Steeped in years of barbering experience, our striking, sublime-smelling products seek to revive the pleasure in your hair styling ritual.

A Charming thought, don’t you think?

Upon Perfection

Four years ago, our creator, an accomplished barber, stepped on his path to The Charming Man. His vision was clear: to celebrate the traditional barbershop through an exquisite range of hair styling products. A range both dependable and luxurious, perfectly suited for the modern gent. The journey has gripped us ever since. We’ve searched high and low for the finest ingredients. We’ve sized-up suppliers, grilled experts and engaged with potential consumers. We’ve pored over creams, pastes, clays and waxes– testing distinct blends of scent and texture.

Fenchurch Street is where it all began, and this is the culmination of our efforts so far.

The journey goes on.

And on.